Project contract (project CDI): what the Labor Law provides

The labor reform  comprises 117 measures, all of which have been in force since January 1, 2018. It aims to introduce genuine French-style flexi-security , notably by acting at the level of the employment contract . One point made particular mention of him: the establishment of a project contract also named CDI project. This has been incorporated into the ordinances to reform the Labor Code.

Public opinion seems a priori to   adhere to the measure. Thus, the 1 st September 2017, a Odoxa poll for Le Figaro and France info reveals that 71% of respondents are in favor of this new contract. It should be noted that the respondents were interviewed before the presentation of the ordinances which took place August 31 In contrast, some unions are opposed to this initiative. Thus, for François Hommeril, Confederal President of the CFE-CGC (the union representing the interests of the executives) the project CDI is a real danger. In a statement written on July 21, 2017, he calls the project "interim without cost". The CGT is also upwind against the measure. On July 24, 2017, his secretary general Philippe Martinez was received at Matignon by Edouard Philippe and Muriel Pénicaud. During the press point, he considered that the construction CDI "would strengthen precariousness". According to him, it is better to legislate on "the diminution of the recourse to the interim". On the other hand, Medef supports measurement. The movement led by Pierre Gattaz had already proposed the creation of a work contract of this type in 2013.

The CDI of building sites in the construction industry

The project contract would take the form of an extension of the construction site contract  (also known as a site contract), a construction contract in force in the building and civil engineering sector. In this field of activity, it is very difficult to recruit on fixed-term contracts . The fixed-term contract indicates a specific end date. However, in the building, it is not easy to predict the exact time of the end of a project. There are many imponderables such as weather hazards or delays in delivery. Building companies therefore resort to the construction contract which has the following main characteristics:

  • Contract does not indicate end date
  • The end of the construction contract entails the termination of the employment contract
  • After the termination of the employment contract, the employees do not receive a premium of precariousness as it is the case for the CDD
  • The reference test period is that of a CDI

The Government would like to extend this contract to other sectors in which work is done by mission whose exact end date is difficult to know. This measure would allow employers to dispense with fixed-term contracts and thus with precarious premiums to be distributed. Another characteristic is that a company that recruits a fixed-term contract can not be certain that the mission entered on its job description will be carried out when the contract expires. The project contract could avoid this situation. For the moment no sector is mentioned by name.

Construction contract and labor law

The content of the five ordinances to reform the Labor Code was published on August 31 in the afternoon on the government website. The third order , "Ordinance on the Predictability and Securing of Labor Relations" mentions the construction contract.

  • The implementation of contracts will be at the branch level: "an extended branch collective agreement defines the reasons for using a contract concluded for the duration of a project or an operation".
  • Concerning the sectors of activity concerned by the measure, the text is very vague since it stipulates "that this contract can be concluded in the sectors where its use is habitual and in conformity with the regular exercise of the profession which resorts there to the 1st January 2017 ".

The project contract in IT

The sectors of activity concerned by an extension of the project contract are not yet known and defined. In an interview given to the LCI / RTL grand jury on 3 September 2017, Muriel Pénicaud cited the example of computer science and aeronautics. It is true that IT services companies and the IT sector at large could be interested in this type of employment contract which could, for employers, be more attractive than the use of freelancers or permanent contracts (which must be paid for between two missions).

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